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Webfame Digital Marketing Courses in Raipur

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Webfame Digital Marketing Courses in Raipur


Trends That Will Shape The Future Of Mobile Advertising And App Marketing In 2018

Date : 16-Jan-2018
In the past few years, the mobile market has undergone tremendous evolution. The number of smartphones has been continuously increasing in double-digit figures each passing day. Without any second thought, we can say that India has been no exception in this evolution of the smartphone.As a matter of fact, the smartphones have become the core component of modern consumer’s life. We all know that mobile devices have opened up a huge potential target market for all types of businesses. Smartphones have given a wide opportunity to both small and big businesses for marketing and advertising. With the help of smartphones, you can easily boost the revenues which mobile industry is already witnessing.


What Is Mobile Advertising?

Mobile advertising is a creative strategy that is utilized by several types of businesses to promote their products and services. It is a process of communicating smartphone consumers for business’s products and services. As a part of mobile marketing, it is beneficial for app marketing also. As a business, you can directly approach your consumer with the help of mobile advertising. Mobile advertising can be done in multiple ways:

  • Mobile Applications: In-app display advertising units, branded mobile applications, integrated ads, sponsored mobile applications, etc.
  • Mobile Web: Rich media mobile ads, mobile web banner ads, text tagline ads, etc.
  • Mobile Video and TV Advertising: Linear and nonlinear ad breaks, interactive TV ads, mobile videos, etc.
  • Multimedia Messaging Service: Audio and video advertisement, full ads, long text and short text ads, banner ads, etc.

Top Trends That Are Shaping The Mobile Advertisement:

Mobile advertising in Digital Marketing industry is not just growing, it is profitably flourishing. With this growth, the future of mobile market certainly promises to be bigger and better with each passing day for the mobile application industry.

Many big enterprises are taking huge steps in mobile advertising and app marketing, as they are getting several amazing opportunities that are helping in the growth of their business. Businesses are taking interest in applying new strategies in application marketing and advertising. So, here are a few trends followed by these big companies that you should know to enhance your business:

  1. Native Advertising: The concept of native advertising is that it matches the form and function of the device on which it appears. In simple words, it uses device-specific information for targeted ad campaigns. Native advertising is very beneficial for in-app environments such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.
  2. Mobile Video AdvertisingMobile video advertising is the most popular and fastest growing advertising format in the mobile advertising industry. The well-known marketers and advertisers are preferring mobile video advertising to promote their products and services. You can develop creative video advertisements for smartphones which are supported by multiple video formats. Further, you can share those video ads on several social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. It gradually enhances your consumer reach.
  3. Mobile Gaming: In this era of the smartphone, there is n number of imaginable things that you can perform with the help of your smartphone. By going with research, it reveals that users spend a sizeable amount of time in mobile gaming. Mobile gaming has gained the attention of the marketers and advertisers and this gives a thumbs-up to multiple businesses all across the world. Gaming ad experience is very effective and efficient in-app advertising platform.
  4. Interactive Advertising: Interactive advertising has the power to engage n number of users. You just need to focus on where to publish these ads by keeping your business’s targeted audience in mind.
  5. Mobile Chats And Coupons: Nowadays, mobile chats have become the most preferred way to communicate with any brand. This enables smartphone users to connect with the brand, ask queries, request services, make purchases, etc. Mobile coupon is the best way to create interaction with the user. Allow them to redeem the coupons for online shopping, in-app purchases, etc.
  6. Application PromotionApplication promotion has become easier with mobile advertising. Paid application discovery and installing new marketing campaigns are becoming very popular each passing day. It helps you in targeting the right audience that gradually enhances the growth of your business.
  7. Utilization Of Wearables: Wearables have become the new favorite thing on the planet. It comprises of IoT, fitness bands, smart watches, etc. Consumers have emotional touch with these wearables and gadgets. You can use these gadgets to promote your business utilizing mobile advertising.

Most of the Digital marketing companies/agencies have acquired these ongoing marketing and advertising trends. These popular trends in mobile advertising and app marketing are playing a vital role in the growth of Digital Marketing industry by benefitting many Digital marketers in India as well.
Watch Video in link about Mobile Marketing Trends.

How Facebook & Google Advertising are Different..??

Date : 20-Dec-2017

In the current Marketing Industry, a specific kind of strategy is in the air, which is very much towards the Digital way of reaching out the users/customers. Though the Tech market has become too much crowded with people catering services like Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Optimization Email Marketing, etc in costs cheaper than a cheese sandwich in most cases. It becomes very strange to understand that a product/service like Google SERP, Google AdWords, Facebook & Facebook Adverts which took years to evolve and so much of hard work invested can be delivered in such low costs. How is it actually possible that people can bring millions of likes or traffic to a website or Facebook page so easily.

On daily basis, i come across various posts on customers getting cheated from so-called Digital Marketers assuring them valuable traffic to their product/website. And the more disappointing thing is that they always believe in these marketers only.

Anyway concluding my above-mentioned questions I would like to introduce you the actual process of advertising on Google or Facebook.




A social community which is considered as the largest population of users across the globe. Now if we consider it as a marketplace where an individual has to market his/her product or service, then they have to reach out the users in every possible way. By brand building, identity creation, creating primary, secondary and tertiary connections and much more. But in reality, it has the most bouncy audience which cant give you any more conversion ration than 0.70%. Still, its the most potential marketplace as the 0.70% figure is also a huge audience to target.

Let's take an example, consider yourself inside a mall and a promotional activity going on by any Brand/Company. You will observe that a stage setup with flashy lights and an Anchor addressing the audience about the activity. Some 2 or 4 volunteers interacting with the passing by the crowd. While the activity going on for the promotional campaign, you will see a lot of audiences just watching the activity from some corners of the mall, some of the people might show interest and a few will indulge in the activity & will also get converted by the brand/company as per their objective of the activity. If we consider the investment for the activity then it comes out to be very little in terms of the expected Returns on Investment. Still, it will give good results in respect of conversion but not in large numbers.

Now let's relate this to Facebook Advert Campaigns. Any activity done on social media platform is as similar to the above-mentioned example. These activities will have a large in-market audience to cover in different part of demographic locations just watching your post and scrolling down their timeline. Some will like, react, respond to your activity and will also open your page, event, group or paid promotional campaign. A few will also get converted as per your objective for the social media activity. The investment is going to be either negligible or very small but still, you might get some results. The exhibit that its a demand generation platform where the initial branding or promotion will be a word of mouth process.




World's largest search engine to find anything else your Flip-Flop. A network where an individual can get worldwide knowledge based on their objective of the search term. It gives you the feasibility to showcase your brand/product/service to a varied audience as per their choice. Also, this is a marketplace where the conversion ratio ranges from 5% to 10% in non-premium locations and up to 40% in premium locations. It all depends on how fast and specifically you reach your potential audience. Searches happened over google are keywords based and depends on relevancy to your brand/product/services.

let's relate this to a real-time event. Suppose a company wants to market its product, they will organize an attractive event. This includes booking a banquet hall and arrangements of a happening activity for the very specifically invited audience who are chosen as per their interest was shown for the product they are seeking in the market, also the invitees with being some of the existing and some new targeted people. Now the brand has spent a good amount for the event to engage the invitees with their product presentation or promotion, and the objective is to present the product in such a way that they get the maximum conversion out of their investment for the event. And while the presentation the invitees will be catered with attractive offers in a privileged manner so that the audience will get what they are actually looking for. The company officials are pretty clear that out of this activity they will definitely convert some of the existing customers as well as the new leads out of the event. This gives them oriented results in consideration of the campaign they organized.

In a similar way, the Google campaigns are designed in a way that they can cover both the audiences as in, the in-market audience & the new target audience over internet channels. Now Google provides lots of options to target the audience in various ways which are based on keywords, interests, re-marketing, demographics, and much more. So if we look into the above-mentioned example we will find out that investments in Google AdWords Campaigns might be a bit higher then any other advertising channel but yes it will give you guaranteed quality results. And yes the conversion will be pretty good because the campaigns will be targeted to a very specific audience with a focused agenda. An exhibit that Google is a demand fulfillment platform where an advertiser gets higher Returns On Investments.



We at Webfame Digital Marketing Academy  provide digital marketing training, where we provide best-in-class training for Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Display Advertising, Social Media Marketing , Affiliate Marketing. For Any more Querries - click on link : webfamedigital.com and check more information about Digital Marketing Course in raipur.


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