Webfame Digital Marketing Courses in Raipur

Webfame Digital Marketing Courses in Raipur

Webfame Digital Marketing Courses in Raipur

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We At Webfame digital marketing academy believe in delivering Advance Digital Marketing training to Students, Professionals and Businessmen at a very affordable cost.

At Webfame we aim to train candidates on best practices used in Digital marketing industry through result driven practices used worldwide - through which we are trying to bridge the digital marketing knowledge gap between metro cities and Chhattisgarh region.


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- All our lectures and its contents are designed as per World Class Best Practices.

- Ingredients from all Great Courses and Great Digital Marketers make it taste the best.

- We believe in Providing international contents and tools at lowest costs to students.

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- Curriculum designed to be easily Understood by candidates from any educational background.

- No boring lectures - We keep it very interesting ,thought provoking & practical oriented.

- AASAN HAI - We are proven to be delivering some geeky stuffs at very easy modes.

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Why Should Everyone Learn Digital Marketing? | Digital Marketing

Date : 15-May-2018

Digital marketing is an essential need for today’s economy. It is a skill that everyone should have irrespective of their job profile/business.

Are you thinking to learn digital marketing?

Do you think that digital marketing is just another course or profession like others available commonly?

Sometimes it is natural to feel that digital marketing is one of the many professions in the world. Similar to data science, programming, finance, etc., digital marketing may look like just another course/profession that you can choose from wide career options available.

But in reality, there are huge differences.

In fact! In today's Scenario ignoring digital marketing is highly impossible.

So through this article let’s try understanding “Why you should learn digital marketing even if you do not plan to have a career in core digital marketing”

Today, digital marketing has become more like a language. It is a medium of communication.

Do you think you have an option to learn English or not learn English? No! English forms the backbone of today's global economy and there is no debate on whether you should choose to learn English or not.

Though digital marketing may look like just one more subject and one more career option, it forms the backbone of today's business marketing & complete economy in a larger view.

Digital marketing is a skill that everyone should have irrespective of their job profile or educational background.

A 20-year-old girl posting a selfie on Instagram is doing digital marketing.

A 19-year-old guy posting pictures of his first motorcycle on Facebook is also doing digital marketing.

A social activist trying to get signatures on Change.org for a petition is doing digital marketing.

When you start observing how the activities of the people around us have changed because of the internet & Social media, you will see that digital marketing is everywhere and everyone is a digital marketer.

Previously, Traditional mediums like TV, newspaper, and radio companies had the power to publish and since they had the power to spread ideas and information, they were the only ones creating & circulating information.

The other type of content creator is the person who writes in his/her journal every day but not many among us were motivated to do so because no one would actually read it—because there were no ways to spread content that easily.

For the first time, a single individual has the power to publish something that the whole world can see/read. No one ever had this power before. We were always consumers of information and never the creators of content or information.

The need to communicate information to others and express ourselves has been there with us since we started carving figures on cave walls. Today all of us spread information through digital mediums. We publish text write-ups, images, and videos. It could be for personal, business, or non-profit initiatives.

In today’s time the only non-digital marketers are people who do not use mobile phones and laptops. Either they are very old to learn this, or they do not have access to the internet. Apart from them, everyone else is a digital marketer.

Digital marketing skills have become as necessary as knowing the English language to communicate. People learning digital marketing have realized that digital marketing skills can be applied to any type of job.

Digital marketing activities should never be limited to the digital marketing team alone. Digital marketing runs through the entire organization.

Marketing involves understanding needs of customers and digital marketing helps with that. Marketing and communication are inbuilt in the product creation process. If someone makes a product that is not user-friendly, the product will fail.

Marketing is also the responsibility of other supportive teams because if the support teams do a good job, they get appreciated.  This increases brand trust, word of mouth referrals, and ultimately more customers for the business.

And on the other side of the coin, if the support team is bad, then one negative tweet about the company would affect the brand image of the company and reverse all the progress done by marketing and branding activities.

So, it irrespective of where you fit in the organization, your digital marketing skills are going to help the business grow. Digital marketing skills are need of both self-employed professionals and employees.

Most of the concepts that you learn in marketing and digital marketing will also help you in other areas of your life. For example, marketers can influence their friends and family easily because they understand human psychology and how humans react to things.

So that's why even if you do not plan to become a core digital marketer you should learn digital marketing and marketing fundamentals.

(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Webfame.)

Everything You need to Know About Whatsapp For Business

Date : 15-May-2018

Whatsapp has finally released its Official version Of Whatsapp Business From Today for India.The version was Already Launched approx a week back to other few Countries previously for Beta Testing Phase. The Business version of Whatsapp is considered to be seeing one of the greatest shift in Business Communication after Sms and Email. Today ones Officially Launched in India - We at Webfame Digital Marketing Academy were able to check the App to Create our Profile and In Overall usage of this Version, We were able to Draw out Following Quick impressions out of the App.

                                                                    webfame digital marketing academy

 Some Exceptional Features Of Whatsapp For Business:

  1. Business Profile: So In this Version - Whatsapp provides Option to Create a complete business profile which includes Information like Business Name, Business Address (with Map), Business Industry, Description about Business Services/Goods, Business Hours, Email addresses, Website Links. We are Sure We will be having more options and to Add regarding Business in coming Days via Updates as its just the beginning phase. Through this Option, Audiences would be able to get complete business information about a Business’s Details at a Glance just through their Chat Window.Screenshot here.
  2. Verified Badges: To make Business Accounts Authenticated - Whatsapp is allowing People to get their Business Verified by Whatsapp.Which will in return add Verified Symbol similar to Twitter & Facebook Pages to the Business profile to help identify the Original Business accounts.
  3. Statistics: Whatsapp For Business through its setting allowing a dashboard to check some key matrices like Total Messages Sent -> Total Messages Delivered -> Total Messages Read & Total Messages Received. These Statistics will surely help in Ascertaining the Engagement Ratios & Deliver-abilities of the Messages - Similar to Email Marketing Campaigns etc.Screenshot here.
  4. Away Messages: This Feature makes fulfills one of the most needed Feature in the Non - Business Version of Whatsapp. I.e Automatic Replies to Customers when Manager/Owner/Executive Handling Whatsapp is unable to reply to Customer Instantly.SO this as an automation allows user and Business to be Connected even when there is no one physically present to Respond to Customer.Screenshot here.
  5. Quick Replies: It was a tiring Job to Reply to Each and everyone with same Questions again and again in the previous version- Where we had to typically go to Notepad to Recopy the Answer from FAQs OR Hunt down our Old Chat threads to Find and Copy paste the answers. Now Under Business version - Users have an Option to add Quick Replies & Set them to Keyword Triggers. For Example, We At Webfame have set Quick Replies on Course Details. Hence we just need to Enter “/Details” and we can just hit the send button to send in the reply. Screenshot here.
  6. Greeting Messages: This Option Lets you send Greeting Message to users sending you message for the first time Or after an Interval of 14 Days. Which makes keeping User Journey Funnel Active.Screenshot here.

By Introduction of this Version of Whatsapp- a new horizon to the world of Quick Engagements/Interactions between Businesses and Users have been opened. As per Digital Marketing is Considered we see allot of Automation possibilities along with third-party integration with Social Media Websites and Paid Channels Via CRMs.

Download Link to Whatsapp for Business: Google Playsotre. Apple Apps Store(Awaiting Official Launch)


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Digital Marketing being the most potential marketing tool in today's digital age, this Specialized Training Program is designed for candidates who want to gain the skills necessary while working with various organisations, for those responsible for developing or implementing an organisation's online marketing strategy, including senior management, marketing managers, marketing executives, small business owners, and anyone who would like to pursue a career in digital marketing shall certainly add credential to their resume.


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