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Everything You need to Know About Whatsapp For Business

Date : 15-May-2018

Whatsapp has finally released its Official version Of Whatsapp Business From Today for India.The version was Already Launched approx a week back to other few Countries previously for Beta Testing Phase. The Business version of Whatsapp is considered to be seeing one of the greatest shift in Business Communication after Sms and Email. Today ones Officially Launched in India - We at Webfame Digital Marketing Academy were able to check the App to Create our Profile and In Overall usage of this Version, We were able to Draw out Following Quick impressions out of the App.

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 Some Exceptional Features Of Whatsapp For Business:

  1. Business Profile: So In this Version - Whatsapp provides Option to Create a complete business profile which includes Information like Business Name, Business Address (with Map), Business Industry, Description about Business Services/Goods, Business Hours, Email addresses, Website Links. We are Sure We will be having more options and to Add regarding Business in coming Days via Updates as its just the beginning phase. Through this Option, Audiences would be able to get complete business information about a Business’s Details at a Glance just through their Chat Window.Screenshot here.
  2. Verified Badges: To make Business Accounts Authenticated - Whatsapp is allowing People to get their Business Verified by Whatsapp.Which will in return add Verified Symbol similar to Twitter & Facebook Pages to the Business profile to help identify the Original Business accounts.
  3. Statistics: Whatsapp For Business through its setting allowing a dashboard to check some key matrices like Total Messages Sent -> Total Messages Delivered -> Total Messages Read & Total Messages Received. These Statistics will surely help in Ascertaining the Engagement Ratios & Deliver-abilities of the Messages - Similar to Email Marketing Campaigns etc.Screenshot here.
  4. Away Messages: This Feature makes fulfills one of the most needed Feature in the Non - Business Version of Whatsapp. I.e Automatic Replies to Customers when Manager/Owner/Executive Handling Whatsapp is unable to reply to Customer Instantly.SO this as an automation allows user and Business to be Connected even when there is no one physically present to Respond to Customer.Screenshot here.
  5. Quick Replies: It was a tiring Job to Reply to Each and everyone with same Questions again and again in the previous version- Where we had to typically go to Notepad to Recopy the Answer from FAQs OR Hunt down our Old Chat threads to Find and Copy paste the answers. Now Under Business version - Users have an Option to add Quick Replies & Set them to Keyword Triggers. For Example, We At Webfame have set Quick Replies on Course Details. Hence we just need to Enter “/Details” and we can just hit the send button to send in the reply. Screenshot here.
  6. Greeting Messages: This Option Lets you send Greeting Message to users sending you message for the first time Or after an Interval of 14 Days. Which makes keeping User Journey Funnel Active.Screenshot here.

By Introduction of this Version of Whatsapp- a new horizon to the world of Quick Engagements/Interactions between Businesses and Users have been opened. As per Digital Marketing is Considered we see allot of Automation possibilities along with third-party integration with Social Media Websites and Paid Channels Via CRMs.

Download Link to Whatsapp for Business: Google Playsotre. Apple Apps Store(Awaiting Official Launch)