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 Digital Marketing Course in Raipur

15 Essential Communication Skills for Digital Marketers

Digital marketing has become a crucial skill that we must possess to create a better impact on this world. Whether you are a doctor, businessman, or medical practitioner, you need to market your products and services to your target audience.
 Digital Marketing Course in Raipur

Google My Business releases tool to manage your reviews

Google My Business’s New Feature Sends a Wave of Relief Among Business Owners. The latest feature of Google My Business helps local SEO professionals to review and track the status of reviews they have sent to Google for removal in a single location.
 Digital Marketing Course in Raipur

WhatsApp Vs Signal

There are lots of Misunderstanding about the new “whats App privacy policy” so let us look about some facts and figure about the what’s new privacy policy. Whats App is now openly saying that they are using some data with Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and other companies who belongs to Facebook itself.
 Digital Marketing Course in Raipur

Future OF Mobile Advertising Explained

In the past few years, the mobile market has undergone tremendous evolution. The number of smartphones has been continuously increasing in double-digit figures each passing day. Without any second thought, we can say that India has been no exception in this evolution of the smartphone.
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How Facebook & Google Advertising are Different?

In the current Marketing Industry, a specific kind of strategy is in the air, which is very much towards the Digital way of reaching out the users/customers. Though the Tech market has become too much crowded with people catering services like Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Optimization Email Marketing, etc in costs cheaper than a cheese sandwich in most cases. It becomes very strange to understand that a product/service like Google SERP, Google AdWords, Facebook & Facebook Adverts which took years to evolve and so much of hard work invested can be delivered in such low costs. How is it actually possible that people can bring millions of likes or traffic to a website or Facebook page so easily.
 Digital Marketing Course in Raipur

Importance Of Digital Marketing?

Importance of Digital Marketing Explained.
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