Terms & Conditions

Webfame Digital Marketing Academy Rules & Regulations for Candidates

-Registration & Payments:
1. Candidates must register at least 15 days before the class begins, subject to seat availability.
2. Scheduled demo classes are provided; recorded online demos are shared if physical demos are not scheduled.
3. Registration confirmation requires completing the registration form and non-refundable registration fee deposit.
4. Confirmations are subject to seat availability, with a confirmation message including batch registration and timings.
5. Balance fees are due by the second week of classes.
6. Any discontinuation must be communicated within 3 days of class commencement.

Code of Conduct for Students:
1. Maintain a minimum 80% attendance.
2. Daily attendance punching is mandatory; failure to punch marks as absent.
3. Punctuality is expected, and candidates must report to class on time.
4. Entry is allowed up to 5 minutes late; entry is prohibited thereafter.
5. Candidates must actively participate; inactivity is warned, leading to strict actions and parent notifications.
6. Completion of classworks and homework within allotted time frames is mandatory; failure leads to strict actions, potentially resulting in permanent suspension.
7. Clear doubts within class and remain active in WhatsApp groups for doubt resolution after class.

Punishments & Strict Actions:
– Level 1: Incomplete work or improper attendance – Discussion and doubt clarification.
– Level 2: Repeated issues – Oral warning for fulfillment.
– Level 3: Repeated issues – Communication to parents, final warning, and information about stricter actions.
– Level 4: Repeated issues – Termination from classes and informing parents.

All assignments provide clear guidelines, and candidates are informed in advance about non-compliance penalties. These rules aim to ensure quality education, emphasizing the seriousness of the subject matter.

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