Display Ads – Creation & Campaign setup

About Display Ads – Creation & Campaign setup

Google Display Ads are the advertisements which are run on Google’s Display network- Which includes over 90% of Websites,Apps,& Videos across the internet,these ads are highly profitable for businesses as it ensures that the ads can reach down to the targeted buyers persona without much on ground marketing efforts. These ads are catchy as they are animated, moving, interactive & attractive as it contains images/videos/interactive banners which create a visual effect about the beusiness and its services offered.

Generally, these ads are targeted on the basis of Various activities tracked by google cookies from users while they browse the internet or use their android phone inclusive of their Demographies and internet behaviourals . Ones targetings are  set one can proceed and create campaigns and Setup Ads . These ads also incluede the remarketing ads which tracks down users on the basis of website interactions and increases the chances of conversion by reamplifying the message again and again as the user browses the internet.

At Webfame Digital Marketing Academy – When we deal with Display campaigns we make sure to include our vast experience from campaigns for clients run across the industry with huge budgets.

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