Google My Business releases tool to manage your reviews

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About Google My Business releases tool to manage your reviews

Google My Business releases tool to manage your reviews


Have you ever wondered about the possibility to see the real-time status of the reviews on your listings in a single place with just one click? If you’re a Search engine optimization (SEO) practitioner, you can now check or remove the status of the review which you have reported to Google. Google has developed a new amazing feature that will allow you to do just that. With Google’s ‘manage your reviews’ feature, you can not only check the status of a reported review but also you can report a new review for a takedown. If it sounds quite interesting to you, here are a few steps that you can follow:

a. Select your business.

b. Confirm if you have reported a review.

c. Select what you want to do with your reviews.

d. Check the review removal status on the go.

That’s crazy. Once you select the preferred options, you can report a new review for the takedown. To help you with this, Google can give you a full list of your recent reviews. Surprisingly, you can click on this feature to view the list present on Google maps or you can submit a takedown request.

On the other hand, once you select the option to check the review status that you have earlier reported, Google will show you all the full details of each review. You can count on Google to show you even the current status of each review present in your list.

Once you select the prescribed option, you can then see the detailed review embedded in a summary after you select the review. But what if your takedown request is not accepted? In that case, you can submit an appeal to the Google Corporation.

What’s more? You can show the detailed current status of both positive and negative reviews to any of the concerned persons. By this, they can evaluate the cause and effect of the general reviews clearly. With this great opportunity, there comes a major setback. Google will show you a limited number of reviews once you use this tool and this feature is only available if you register your business with ‘Google my business’ accounts. What if the existing reviews violate Google’s terms and policies? In that case, the reviews may be permanently deleted from all the existing profiles on Google.

Google’s ‘manage your reviews’ feature is a very powerful tool that is used by global businesses to check the review status daily. With this great review tracker, you can explore the hidden opportunity for your business and you can end up providing the best value to your customers. What’s next? You can take the prescribed step that has been mentioned above and start exploring this new feature today.

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