Introduction To Websites

About Introduction To Websites

In digital marketing industry- one must process basic knowledge of Platforms and Codings on which modern websites are built. At Webfame we are very much keen in imparting quality education in providing holistic trainings to candidates covering all the aspects which a candidate may come across while on a professional side. Incorrect industry scenario WordPress is the world’s most popular content management systems, powering 28% of the Internet. It allows you to create and in general purpose scripting language like HTML and PHP, hence it is very important to learn the website phenomenon to better understand the working and practical implications on to a website for various digital marketing activities.

Through project bases learning you will gain practical skills and knowledge that will allow you to create a WordPress site from scratch, or to be able to manage and customise an existing build Php website.

We’ll share our years of industry experience in digital marketing & websites functions, to help you make professional content, manage that content and effectively market to your readers.

What will I learn?

Upon completion of this course you will have gained the skills to:

  • Install WordPress
  • Create and edit posts and pages integrating media content
  • Make those posts and pages easily accessible using categories and tags
  • Make those posts and pages easily accessible using categories and tags
  • Edit website templates on Php/Html. 
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