Search Ads-Creation & Campaign Setup

About Search Ads-Creation & Campaign Setup

Google Search Ads are the advertisements which are run on Google’s Search Engine and its search partners,these ads are highly profitable for businesses as it ensures that the ads are shown to people when they are really having an intent to Purchase that product or if not buying then at any other stage in a buyer’s purchase journey to purchase a product.These ads are Simple in Visibility as it Only Contains A headline, A URL to the Landing Page,A Small Description of the contents/Offers being promoted And Some Extentions associated with the Advertiser’s Business.

Generally, these ads are targeted on the basis of Keyword/ Phrases that are targeted on the basis of Keywords research carried out using various tools. Ones keyword lists are one can proceed and create campaigns and Setup Ads .

At Webfame Digital Marketing Academy – When we teach Digital Marketing and specially paid marketing topics we focus on minute details which can be a big aid in achieving bigger Milestones by Running very profitable campaigns.

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