Student Stories: Vipin Puri Goswami – Our First Placement

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About Student Stories: Vipin Puri Goswami – Our First Placement

Vipin Puri Goswami, A graduate form Itm University Raipur came to be our First Placement from Webfame Digital marketing academy. Calm, quiet, sensible and honest Vipin on his first call enquired us regarding our Digital marketing course & told us that he was very much interested to learn digital marketing as he has been reading and searching about Digital Marketing topic since a long time.

Vipin being a very keen person to learn and grasp as much as possible came to be a very active person and had a great captivating power. He always grabbed all the concepts and always tried experimenting things on the topics & subjects as taught daily, which in-return made him a very confident person on the topics he was learning.

As the classes were nearing the end, We provided Vipin with various job opportunities and helped him to prepare all sorts of preliminaries required for appearing a job position & lined him up for an Interview at Clipper28 Media group which was growing at a good pace and had a good market standing. Being Scheduled with interview just next day- Vipin was all geared up & went for interview and cracked straight for the position of Digital Marketing Executive. Being at Clipper28 -a media publisher,he was needed to be keeping Social Media Accounts Active & Increasing Web Traffic with help of various mediums. He proved to be a Growth catalyst for their media channels and gained lots of traffic as well as improved their websites on many aspects.

Being a very active person his skills and hardwork got recognition and Vipin was promoted to Digital Marketing Strategist position which he truly deserved. Upon promotion he also had people working under him and closely got hold of all other teams like content,Designing & development etc. Recently he has been working mainly on Video trafficking section specifically on youtube platform which he explored mostly himself and is near to be a master of the same. He substantially helped growing Youtube channel from double digit number of subscribers to nearly 49000 subscribers(Almost touching 50000 mark now) organically within a span of 7 months.

Through this blog we would like to share with everyone that Being our First placement – Vipin always keeps a safe place in our hearts and we are always up for any help for Vipin and really commend the efforts he is putting-in to help his clients grow.

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